Reticulous Collaborative

Reticulist Collaborative brings together people for engaging dinners and events in selected cities to convene and answer some of 2024’s most vital questions.

Reticulists are people who bring unlikely participants together who see things differently to create unique solutions to big challenges.

These groups of unlikely people convened by the reticulist create social bonds, share values, and build trust that can break through red tape, drive innovation, and create unexpected, elegant outcomes.

  • Beyond GenAI, what forces in innovation and society are driving businesses to rethink how we are living our daily life.
  • How do we increase our energy and creativity in an uncertain and complex world. What can we create with a new group of innovative humans with their support?
  • In the Loneliness Crisis, Belonging is a social need of humans. How do we balance belonging to ourselves versus fitting in. How do we move through disagreeing, moving through conflict & polarized views to find a shared understanding.

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